Violet Office

New York, NY

Los Angeles, CA

Apple Music: Playlist Artwork

Apple Music features hundreds of hand curated playlists spanning the genres. We created eight unique animated artworks for featured playlists.

Art Direction, Motion Design

Song of the Ambassadors

Visual identity for Song of the Ambassadors. Conceived by K Allado-McDowell, Song of the Ambassadors reimagines opera as a musical ritual producing scientific understanding about the effects of music on the body and mind.

Branding, Naming, Web Design, Web Development

Interspecies Future

Visual identity for Interspecies Future; the beginning of a multi-decade civilisational journey in advancing new rights and opportunities for nonhuman life on Earth.

Branding, Web Design, Web Development

MasterClass: Ringo Starr

Graphics package for Ringo Starr's Daytime Emmy nominated MasterClass video course.

Graphics Package, Motion Design

Vans Campaign 2022

Global campaign work for Vans, focused on bringing artist's ideas to life.

Campaign Design, Graphics Package, Motion Design

Dawn FM Lyric Videos

12 lyric videos for The Weeknd's latest album, Dawn FM.

Art Direction, Motion Design


Brand identity and web design for MAFF TV.

Nike By You: Give Thanks Campaign

Campaign design for Nike By You, custom sneakers designed by 37 creators from across the U.S. give thanks to the people, moments, movements and ideas that shifted the way they see the world.

Campaign Design, Motion Design, Social Media


Rebrand for Uber, in collaboration with Wolff Olins. Movement ignites opportunity.

Branding, Motion Design