Violet Office

Brooklyn, NY 11206
Los Angeles, CA 90026


M–F 10AM–7PM

Violet Office is a brand design studio. We create thoughtful, brazen, cut-through work that connects our partners to the world. We work globally, spanning disciplines to create brand identities, motion design, digital products, and physical objects.


2020 Reel

Good Glyphs

Good Glyphs No.1
A collaborative dingbat font created by 32 designers. Available by donation with all proceeds going to Doctors Without Borders.

Violet Sans

At once aggressive and gentle, Violet Sans is the official typeface of Violet Office and free to download.

Type Design

Nike By You: Give Thanks Campaign

Custom sneakers designed by 37 creators from across the U.S. give thanks to the people, moments, movements and ideas that shifted the way they see the world.

Campaign Design, Motion Design, Social Media


Movement ignites opportunity.

Branding, Motion Design

Precision Crafted Performances

Genius partnered with Acura for Precision Crafted Performances, a series of live showcases spotlighting emerging artists.

Campaign Design, Motion Design, Social Media, Event Design


Knitwear for all. Long-lasting, high quality, and ethical production methods; that’s Tricot’s definition of luxury.

Branding, Web Design, Social Media


An alternative design and strategy consultancy.

Branding, Web Design, Web Development

Buffy: Soft—Space

Editorial website for Buffy, exploring how we can restore and renew.

Web Design, Web Development

Nike By You Workshop

Nike By You Workshop gives creative people a bold new way to tell their stories — on a pair of Nike sneakers.

Branding, Type Design

Oboh Regular

Oboh Regular, a custom typeface drawn for Catalogue and Saturdays NYC.

Type Design


Vevo is music videos.

Branding, Motion Design

Mood NYC Mood NYC Mood NYC