Violet Office is a

brand design studio

We create thoughtful, brazen, cut-through work that connects our partners to the world. We work globally, spanning disciplines to create brand identities, motion design, digital products, and physical objects.

Our Principles

Branding = Storytelling

Your brand tells the story of who you are. Branding is the process of taking what lies at your core, refining those core ideas into guiding principles and expressing it to your audience. As a group of designers and makers we see each expression as a piece of the story, whether it be an app icon, campaign, video, event or guidelines. Each piece fits together to create your brand, one that signals who you are to the world and guides you in your future.

Design Is a Process

The design process is what makes good ideas into great ideas. It is drawing hundreds of S's to find the perfect form for a wordmark or enlisting a small army of artists to rethink how music can be visualized. For every design we put into the world there were dozens more explored and presented throughout the process. Arriving at the right solution in the first round is great but rare, we bring our partners into the design process to find solutions we can all stand behind.

Tools Not Toys

Design is nothing without a platform, a vessel or tool to bring it to the world. We have focused our practice around building tools that empower our partners, from brand guidelines to websites, motion toolkits or social media packages, what we make empowers you. You should be the authority on your brand and have the necessary tools and systems to keep building and evolving. These tools range from big to small but they play a role in every job we do.

Change Is a Constant

Every business evolves and grows over time, your brand identity should evolve alongside it. This evolutionary thinking is built into every brand identity we create. We like to think near and far and test our work in contexts that may not exist yet for your business. Anticipating change is part of our practice and something we encourage you to make a part of yours. Our approach adapts to your needs and whatever stage of business you are in.

Be Open

We seek out partners that are open to their audience about who they are and the services and goods they offer. We bring this same sensibility when presenting our own ideas and opinions, this free exchange helps to push concepts forward and inform the work we create together. It allows us to create common goals and align on a shared vision for the work.

Clarity Resounds

We strive to create clear ideas that resonate with your audience. We constantly refine designs to make sure they are aligned with the brand positioning. There is no one size fits all solution, so keeping the end user in mind is important at every stage of this process. Whether someone is interacting with your brand for the first time or the thousandth, the brand voice needs to come through.

Our Services


We meet with your team to discuss the project and establish requirements and goals before beginning the design process. We conduct research to gain insight into our partner’s audience, competition, and challenges in the market. This establishes our approach into the work and paths towards solutions.

Brand positioning

We establish the tone of your brand and how that is communicated to the world. It lays the foundation for the rest of the design process and acts as a lens to view the work. Brand positioning generally includes brand values, purpose and goals.

Brand Architecture

Mapping out hierarchies within the brand will inform the design process. Typical hierarchies would include sub-brands, individual products, or physical locations. With these relationships established, design systems can be created to organize them and create clarity across your brand.

Audience Experience

This is a breakdown of your audience's journey and how they interact with your brand, content and products. It gives you insight into who they are and how they think. It allows you to better design for their needs and develop ways to create real value.

Messaging / TOV

We will craft specific messaging or develop tone of voice guides that fits your brand and expresses your personality.

Visual Identity

We will develop the core visual components of your brand including logo, color, type system & graphic system through to custom typeface, illustration and photography.

Motion Design

We produce simple logo animations to a full blown motion systems to complex 3D animations; we have a deep experience of motion design, production and implementation.

Web Design & Development

We design and build digital solutions at every scale. From rapid prototyping to ecommerce to internal brand tools, we can help you build whatever is next.

Typeface Design

We draw and develop typefaces in-house for a range of digital and print applications. For larger type families we partner with outside foundries to include wider language support and styles.

Brand Guidelines

This is a reference document for how the brand should look and behave. The guidelines will outline the brand purpose, values, tone of voice and visual identity. For visual elements, the guidelines will show best practice applications as well as specific do’s and don’ts.


We want our partners to own their brand and have the tools they need to manage it. We create a variety of toolkits and templates that enable our clients to create new designs as needed.

Select Clients

Outdoor Voices
Red Bull Music Academy
Universal Music

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