Prism is

wellness from

new angles

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No preachiness or jargon. Prism is a wellness resource built on the belief that your health is intertwined with the health of your community and the planet. The prism team brings together the voices of experts from different fields combined with original illustration and photography in a time based email newsletter. We developed their brand identity and website.


Branding, Web Design, Web Development




Design: James Tae

Partner: Jocelyn Florence
Creative Director: Lorin Brown
General manager: Evelyn Crowley
Creative Strategy: Ciara Keane
Illustration: Lorin Brown



Case Study
Branding, Web Design, Web Development, Social Media

Huue is a biotechnology company that creates sustainable dyes for manufacturing products. Their first dye is a bio-synthetic indigo for the denim industry. We developed their brand identity, website and social media presence.

Creative Director: Simon Waterfall
Marketing Director: Michelle Masek

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Case Study Certified Classic
Branding, Web Design, Social Media

Great knitwear has a timeless quality, a classic sweater will always be in style. With that in mind our challenge was to create a brand identity that truly feels like an extension of the product, not just a label. Something that will feel classic twenty years from now when you pull it off the shelf or come across it in a vintage store.

Creative Director: Rémi de Laquintane
Web Development: Tom Lehman
Photography: Rémi de Laquintane

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Buffy: Soft—Space

Case Study
Web Design, Web Development

Created for direct to consumer brand Buffy, Soft–Space is an editorial platform about harnessing our imaginations to answer some of the world’s most complicated problems, and generally, make our lives better.

We partnered with Buffy from concept, design and development to launch.

Web Development: Christin Neal

Strategy: Carson Salter

Pilgrim Surf + Supply

Web Design, Web Development

We were tasked with creating a website for Pilgrim Surf + Supply that could parallel the experience of their Brooklyn storefront. In addition to increasing online sales the website functions as a platform for interviews, radio mixes, and news.

Design: James Tae

Dev Partner: Bggy

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