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Violet partnered with Wolff Olins on a global rebrand for Uber. We helped develop the visual identity and create a comprehensive motion system that ties all brand elements together. We worked with Uber’s design and product teams to bring this new system to life.


Branding, Motion Design




Creative Director: Forest Young
Design Director: Matt Delbridge
Additional Design: Taylor Simpson
Design & Animation: Draeger Gillespie



Early in the identity development we used quick sketches of shapes to explore concepts of movement. We refined our experimentation and created a series of base motion states that served as the foundation for much of the work to come. These base states helped guide our thinking and inform everything from the logo animation to static designs.


App Launch

The Uber logo was developed alongside the visual identity system, its simple geometry references roads seen from above. The app launch screen extends this concept, highlighting the parallel “roads” in the “U” and “b” as a way to transport you into the app.



We helped develop a design system that is easy to implement and adapt to content. Through animation the “U” frame becomes a robust tool that creates new storytelling opportunities.