You take care of business, Clue takes care of your fleet

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Heavy construction equipment is wildly expensive, not only to own, but to run and maintain. Clue is an app that analyzes your fleet’s telematics data and figures out what’s important, sending key recommendations direct to your phone. This helps prevent wasteful idle time, and keep up with critical maintenance.

We were brought in early in the companies development to help develop the brand strategy, naming, and brand identity. The challenge was to create a brand that felt at home on a construction site and on your phone.


Branding, Web Design




For the mark we looked to industrial forms and machined metal. Faceted edges and precise angles add balance and lightness to the more brutalist forms.



Case Study
Branding, Web Design, Web Development, Social Media

Huue is a biotechnology company that creates sustainable dyes for manufacturing products. Their first dye is a bio-synthetic indigo for the denim industry. We developed their brand identity, website and social media presence.

Creative Director: Simon Waterfall
Marketing Director: Michelle Masek

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Case Study Certified Classic
Branding, Motion Design

Violet partnered with Wolff Olins on a global rebrand for Uber. We helped develop the visual identity and create a comprehensive motion system that ties all brand elements together. We worked with Uber’s design and product teams to bring this new system to life.

Design & Animation: Draeger Gillespie

Wolff Olins
Creative Director: Forest Young
Type Design: Jeremy Mickel
Design Director: Matt Delbridge
Senior Designer: Taylor Simpson

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Branding, Web Design, Web Development

MLCommons is an open engineering consortium with a mission to benefit society by accelerating innovation in machine learning. We designed and developed their identity and website.

Executive Director: David Kanter
President: Peter Mattson

BeZero Carbon

Branding, Web Design, Web Development

BeZero Carbon is a global ratings agency that assesses carbon efficacy for the voluntary carbon market. We designed and developed their identity and launch website.

Founder: Tommy Ricketts


Branding, Concept, Motion Design

Violet Office worked with the brand design and leadership teams at Rivian. Creating a brand that prioritizes our planet’s long-term survival.

Rivian brand design team