Established in 2012 as a skate and apparel brand. Mood is a platform for ideas.

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Mood is a skateboard company founded in 2012 by Calvin Waterman (partner at Violet Office) and Grandison Taber. Driven by artist collaborations and a totally open design format, Mood is a constant evolution, with no two seasons alike. Violet Office developed the identity and oversees all product design and production.


Branding, Motion Design, Art Direction, Web Design, Social Media, Naming




Co-Founder: Grandison Taber


Genius: 1997 Collection

Product Design, Motion Design, Art Direction

The 1997 Collection by Genius is inspired by musical moments from one of the most iconic years in music history. We partnered with Genius to design and produce this next level brand swag.

Producer: Lila Murphy
Photography: Christopher Gregory

Genius: Year In Lyrics Collection

Product Design, Art Direction

Genius is the world’s biggest source of song lyrics and musical knowledge. As part of their year-end retrospective of the music that mattered most, we created a collection of apparel inspired by some of 2017’s most memorable lyrics.

Producer: Lila Murphy
Photography: Franey Miller


Case Study Certified Classic
Branding, Web Design, Social Media

Great knitwear has a timeless quality, a classic sweater will always be in style. With that in mind our challenge was to create a brand identity that truly feels like an extension of the product, not just a label. Something that will feel classic twenty years from now when you pull it off the shelf or come across it in a vintage store.

Creative Director: Rémi de Laquintane
Web Development: Tom Lehman
Photography: Rémi de Laquintane

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Pilgrim Surf + Supply

Web Design, Web Development

We were tasked with creating a website for Pilgrim Surf + Supply that could parallel the experience of their Brooklyn storefront. In addition to increasing online sales the website functions as a platform for interviews, radio mixes, and news.

Design: James Tae

Dev Partner: Bggy

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Certified Classic
Art Direction

2-HB is a public art installation using defunct billboards in downtown Providence, RI. At the time the city was re-routing interstate 95 to the edge of the city, leaving a trail of infrastructure behind. This would ultimately bring massive change to the flow of the city but at the time felt never ending. Working with two identical billboards a few blocks apart, our goal was to reconnect this space and make light of the construction headache. The pencil became the perfect visual metaphor of the process happening below. The image lines up across the landscape from a sidewalk blocks away.