Deluge is a new

mass experimental

queer press

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Collapsing the divide between conceptual literary work and bingeable pulp, Deluge makes advanced books that are fun to read.

Deluge was started by Emily Segal, Cyrus Dunham and Hannah Baer in 2020. Violet worked with Emily on crafting the brand identity, web and book designs.


Branding, Web Design, Web Development, Product Design, Book Design




Case Study
Branding, Web Design, Web Development

Nemesis is an alternative design and strategy consultancy founded in 2017 by Emily Segal and Martti Kalliala, with nodes in Berlin, Los Angeles and Helsinki. In addition to client work, Nemesis produces self-initiated, multi-disciplinary research on fashion, subculture, urbanism, technology, design, speed, language, and death.

Working closely with founders Emily Segal and Martti Kallial we developed a brand identity that could work for a massive corporation or become the masthead for a niche fashion magazine.


Branding, Product Design

A collection of 720 unique three-dimensional knots, metaphysically activated and created with elements of chaos. KNOTS are a new experiment in literary Web 3. Powered by the Ethereum blockchain, a portion of each sale supports queer, trans, experimental and otherwise undersupported publishing projects via Deluge Books.

Violet Office designed and developed the generative interactive visuals, as well as the branding and digital presence.

Artist: Emily Segal
Web 3 Development: Wurmhumus Fabrik
Strategy and Communications: Nemesis Global
Divination, Ritual, Research: Chris Reppucci

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Song of the Ambassadors

Case Study
Branding, Naming, Web Design, Web Development

Conceived by K Allado-McDowell, Song of the Ambassadors re-imagines opera as a musical ritual producing scientific understanding about the effects of music on the body and mind. We developed the visual identity working closely with K Allado-McDowell. The Opera, a work in progress, was previewed at Lincoln Center October 25th, 2022.

Graphic designer: Elena Foraker

Song of the Ambassadors
Composer: Derrick Skye
Libretto: K Allado-McDowell
Stage Direction: Mary Birnbaum
Projections: Refik Anadol
Set Design: Marcos Lutyens
Costume Design: Oana Botez
Sound Design: Ian Smith
Neuroscience Research: Ying Wu and Alexander K. Khalil (UCSD)
Conceived by: Allado-McDowell
Produced by: KAM Studio, Ben Newman, and Lincoln Center
Event Photography: Vincent Tullo via the NYT

Y2K Group

Case Study
Branding, Web Design, Web Development

Founded in 2018 with the principle to provide artists the insight to advance their careers, Y2K Group focuses on contemporary art in all media. Taking inspiration from the name, Y2K Group identity and website is an appreciation of a simpler time of pixels and 32bits. We created their brand identity, web design and development.

Design: James Tae

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Brooke Nipar

Branding, Web Design, Web Development

Visual identity, web design, and development for photographer and director Brooke Nipar. She needed a site that would elevate her video and photo work, while still being easily searchable based on category. We allude to the vernacular of photography with negative menu overlays and the use of blur and focus to highlight content.

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My Pleasure & The Tricking Hour

Book Design

Book design for 2 new titles by Irene Silt, published by Deluge Books. Irene Silt writes about power, anti-work feeling, joy, and deviance. Their essays and poems have been published in Mask Magazine, ANTIGRAVITY, Spoil, LESTE, Trou Noir, Poiesis Journal and in the Tripwire pamphlet series. They live in New York.


Campaign Design, Print Design

BOAR is a site-specific robotic performance by artist Federico Díaz and novelist and technologist J. M. Ledgard as part of the 12th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art. Violet Office worked with the Light Art Space and the artist to develop the book and promotional material accompanying the performance.

Artist: Federico Díaz
Novelist: J. M. Ledgard