Workshop is a community sourced

co-creation program

Description +

Nike By You Workshop is a platform that gives creative people a bold new way to tell their stories — on a pair of Nike sneakers. For each drop, Nike invites a group of designers to explore a theme by customizing some of Nike’s most iconic shoes. For every pair of shoes sold, the guest designer earns a portion of the sales.

We were asked by Nike to create workshop’s brand identity. We wanted to create a system that uses the vernacular of the design process and the immediacy of pen to paper.


Branding, Type Design




Senior Brand Director: Les Green

We iterated the Workshop mark with felt pen on paper, resisting too much refinement on the computer as a way to preserve the irregularity in natural handwriting.

Structured typography locks into a grid while photography, Workshop Script, and highlight marks add elements of the creative process.

Workshop Script was developed by drawing thousands of characters using a felt marker. The final set has a sense confidence and complexity without becoming too perfect.