UNSTUCK creates

new job opportunities

for global refugees

Description +

UNSTUCK is an initiative to create job opportunities for refugees. Getting back to work is the first step to rebuilding lives for the 30 million people forced to flee their homes. UNSTUCK joins forces with leading brands to generate jobs for refugees worldwide. When a brand joins the UNSTUCK family they commit to hire refugees in full time jobs throughout their supply chain.

We worked closely with the CEO of Chobani, Hamdi Ulukaya and Creative Director Lisa Smith, on brand positioning and visual identity.


Branding, Web Design, Web Development, Social Media




Founder: Hamdi Ulukaya
Creative Director: Lisa Smith
Packaging Design: Michael Ciancio
Naming: Sam Wilson
Director: Nick O'Flaherty



The UNSTUCK wordmark and symbol is designed to be locked up to a brand partner's logo. The wordmark also fits neatly into headlines, creating a simple system that helps build brand equity over time.



The UNSTUCK visual system is anchored in color, pattern, illustration and typography. The goal is to create a simple and direct brand voice that can become more expressive over time. The expanded color palette and growing library of illustration energizes UNSTUCK. Motion and kinetic typography bring all the elements together and help express detailed ideas in a consumable format.